About Sidepodcast

This is the place to find out all about the people that bring you Sidepodcast, plus to delve around in the history of what has become an epic community. Let us begin with the past before looking to the future.

A Potted History

Selected events from each month of Sidepodcast’s history – showing firstly how much we have grown, and secondly how we stumble and fall just like the best. Every month is glorious though, so dive in and see what we were doing this time last year.

A Potted History

Before we got too jaded about the sport, we used to high-tail it all across the continent to visit F1 related things. Follow our adventures on the Sidepodtour page.

Also, catch up with some of the ways we like to embarrass ourselves and read about the Weekend It All Went Wrong.

The Sidepodcrew

Want to know more about the crazy people that run Sidepodcast? Here’s all you could want to know and more.

Sidepodcast Crew

Like what you’ve read? Why not take the quiz – Are You Mr or Mrs C?

Site Help and Information

The website known as Sidepodcast has grown exponentially since we first started, and with it, we know, it has brought layers of complication. We’re trying to rewrite the internet from the ground up – pushing the boundaries of the broadcast medium in the digital age. Here are some hints, tips, and a place to leave your feedback as we continue to strive for the ultimate communication tool.

Let Giggles guide you through the most important parts of the Sidepodcast site = Sidepodcast demo

The Calendar

Help with the super duper Sidepodcalendar.

Live Commenting Tools

Also available, the Desktop Doohickey and a note on the mobile Supported Devices.

Website Support


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