Excuses Not to Go Somewhere

Have you ever needed to find an excuse not to go somewhere? Maybe you have been asked to go to the nasty place known as Outside and you need a way to get out, only to find a blank mind as your only canvas? This is where Sidepodcast can always help out. Here you will find some of the best excuses, whilst maybe you could add your own scenario and the commentors and visitors of this will add excuses for you to use from your chosen Scenario. So. what excuses do you have not to join in with the fun?

Excuses Info

The amount of excuses in the world 102,883
Percentage of how believable these excuses are 11%
The person who is in the right when using an excuse You are
Was this just an excuse to use an info box? Depends who’s asking


Excuses for not going to Amy’s prize giving evening

  • ‘Because you left school years ago – ‘Steven’
  • Just say you can’t go because of that thing you are doing that you don’t know about yet – Lukeh
  • tell them you’re on the side of a motorway delivering babies to excitable new parents – Leigh O’Gorman
  • Dear Amy’s work, Amy is unwell and will not be able to attend prize giving today, Kind regards The comments – Lou
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